BLS Manager

BLS Manager

With BLS Manager you have a powerful tool to keep track of your store's orders, edit fees, change statuses, receive and send messages, and post feedback. You can pick one or multiple orders at the same time, from a single Windows PC or using a network setup. BLS Manager also gives you insight into your store's sales, inventory, and visitors through easy-to-read charts, it lists actionable tasks, and notifies you when important events happen such as new orders, payments, or status changes.

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System Requirements
  • Windows 8.1, 10 or 11
  • 32 or 64 bits
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • MS SQL 2019 or 2022 (Express, LocalDB, Full)
  • 2.5 GB Free Disk Space (SSD)


All your orders in one list, color coded, searchable and fully customizable.

  • Advanced search.
  • Popups for messages and feedback.
  • Change row colors to your liking.
  • Export to CSV, XML or BSX file.
  • Add, remove and format the columns you need.
  • Quickly change status for multiple orders.
  • File multiple orders in one go.
  • Select multiple orders to see totals.


View, pick, pack and print orders.

  • Pick a single or multiple orders at the same time.
  • Pick with multiple people at the same time (networking!).
  • Hover over thumbnails for a larger image.
  • Edit remarks, descriptions, and quantity left.
  • Add notes, correct quantity (local only).
  • Time yourself!
  • Print functionality.


Change order status, add or edit fees.

  • Buyer number, email, address, and ratings.
  • Pick progress, timing and label.
  • Shows PayPal payment status.
  • Edited fields have a yellow background.
  • Import tracking numbers from CSV.


Post, edit and reply to feedback.

  • Post new feedback.
  • Choose out of previously used feedback.
  • Edit your feedback.
  • Delete your feedback.
  • Reply to buyers feedback


Read and reply to messages.

  • Send priority messages.
  • Uses the BrickLink message system.

Orders Todo

The todo list shows you all actionable items in one view.

  • Ready for picking, invoicing, packing, shipping, drive-thru, feedback.
  • Waiting for payment, in transit, received, completed.
  • Cancel requests, cancelled, NPB & NRS alerts.


Get notified when important events happen!

  • New orders, feedback or messages.
  • Orders status changes.
  • App updates, backup, reminders.


Column and pie charts with useful data.

  • Number of orders, and total item sold.
  • Gross and net revenue.
  • Average value per order & lot.
  • Average items per order.
  • Feedback per day.
  • Visitors per hour.
  • Income per category & color.
  • Inventory per color.
  • Orders & income per country.

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